Playing With My New Canon Zoom EF 70-300mm Lens

Selfie Moment Photo: Denise Vasquez

I'm soooo happy! I'm sure you gathered that by my big smile in my selfie photo here! My birthday is on June 29th so I treated myself to some new items for my Canon EOS 80D! I've always used Canon products! Go team Canon! I've found their products to be reliable, easy to use and great quality! I love taking a lot of photos, and I love the ease, the speed and the quality of photos with Canon cameras. Over the years I was capturing moments with my Canon Powershots, I still have & love my Canon SX50HS, but I finally upgraded to getting a Canon EOS 80D, and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I purchased a kit so my camera came with a bag, two batteries, battery charger and two lenses EFS 18-55 mm macro 0.85/2.8 ft lens & 55-250mm macro 0.85/2.8 ft lens. I've been having fun shooting with these two lenses & they've certainly helped me become more familiar with taking photographs with my Canon EOS 80D camera. I started feeling like I needed to upgrade my lenses in order to capture the quality of photos I wanted, so I went to my favorite camera store in Los Angeles, Samy's Camera & picked up a new backpack for all of my gear when hiking or traveling and a new lens! I got a Canon Zoom EF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 L IS USM Lens so I can take my photography to a professional level! You can see me holding the lens in the photo here. I prefer shooting with my camera in hand, and it is heavier than I am accustomed too, but I'll get used to it! I already have a great tripod, but I'll probably end up getting a monopod as well! I'm always learning everything I can about doing photography, especially with my Canon gear as technology is constantly changing. We've come a long way from shooting photos with film! In the meantime I'll keep reading books, watching videos, taking classes and shooting photographs every day! So be sure to follow me online to see all of the great moments I'm capturing!

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